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Ontario Real Estate Law & Property Lawyer

Buying or selling real estate can be very exciting. Whether you're buying a family home, or selling a corporate building, a real estate lawyer is there to protect your interests in a real estate transaction. Buying property may be the single, largest purchase of a lifetime. Many buyers are unaware of the extent or importance of the work done by lawyers and  behind the scenes to ensure that the title is transferred properly. 

At Jamil Shamji Law, we can help serve and protect you in a number of legal real estate matters including but not limited to: 

  • Purchase of a new or re-sale property re-sale residential or commercial property
  • Sale of a new or re-sale residential or commercial property
  • Refinance of residential or commercial property
  • Second mortgages
  • Private loans and mortgages
  • Purchase and sale of vacant land
  • Assisting with Condominium property purchase
  • Review of status certificate documents
  • Drafting various agreements
  • Providing independent legal advice where a conflict may exist
  • Assisting those down-sizing or first-time home buyers with their real estate and other legal matters

In Ontario, buying or selling real estate can get quite confusing. Whether it's tax rebates, closing documents, land of transfer bills, legal lees, property taxes, mortgage statements or something else, it's important to have all documents reviewed by a legal professional. Contact us today to see how we can help ensure your real estate transaction is as stress free, and straight forward as possible. 

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Our services include matters of financing of real property and we have extensive background in mortgage and loan documentation for real estate.